What Is Development?
What are the terms, trends, and debates that define international development? Learn about the evolution of efforts to improve the world—including global infrastructure, education, and health. 
Two Koreas, Two Development Policies
How did North Korea and South Korea turn out so differently? Learn about the history of Korea after World War II and how economic policies shaped the region.
The Sustainable Development Goals
In this free SDG resource, learn about the formation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and review the opportunities and challenges for meeting them.
Technology and Development
As Great Britain’s Industrial Revolution and India’s Green Revolution have shown, technological innovation can drive extraordinary development. Explore how digital advancements are further driving progress today.
Global Development Explained
How do governments help people everywhere become healthier and wealthier? Many countries have made great strides in global development progress but challenges remain.
Why Do Taxes Matter?
What are the different types of taxes and how does a government's ability to collect tax revenue shape a country's economic and social development? 
What Is Economic Inequality?
Explore how severe inequalities and disparities in wealth and income can harm individuals, countries, and the global economy, and how some governments implement policies to reduce inequality.
The Race to Develop COVID-19 Vaccines
How did scientists produce the COVID-19 vaccines in record time? Explore how health innovations, like the mRNA vaccine, are invented and how they impact global health today. 
A Brief History of U.S. Foreign Aid
Where and why the United States gives foreign aid has changed over time. Learn the difference between military, economic, and humanitarian aid and the history behind U.S. aid.
The Marshall Plan
Understand how the Marshall Plan, one of the first large foreign aid programs, helped Europe rebuild after World War II, but also served the foreign policy interests of the United States. 

Learning Journeys

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Development: Introduction

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