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Featured Learning Resources

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Timeline
Explore the history and important events behind the long-standing Middle East conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians from 1947 to today. 
What Is Fascism?
In this free resource, learn how Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler rose to power and the lessons their political journeys hold for today.

Featured Teaching Resources

Mini Simulation
Who Owns Space?
Should the United States recognize space as a shared global commons? Explore this simulation. 

Featured Events

Higher Education Webinar: CFR Education Resources

Caroline Netchvolodoff, vice president for education at CFR, and Rania Salem Manganaro, senior manager for education marketing at CFR, lead a discussion on CFR Education resources for the higher education community.

How To Teach Current Events in Our Interconnected World

Join the experts at the CFR Education for a conversation with an award-winning high school teacher, an expert on global affairs, and the teaching and learning director from this leading foreign policy think tank to learn best practices for teaching current events. This webinar was hosted on