Global Health

What Is Global Health?
We have made advances in global health, but we face challenges from new disease trends—and need funding to treat them.
The Race to Develop COVID-19 Vaccines
How did scientists produce the COVID-19 vaccines in record time? Explore how health innovations, like the mRNA vaccine, are invented and how they impact global health today. 
What Is the World Health Organization?
What is the WHO? Learn how the UN agency in charge of international public health responds to crises that threaten global health coordination, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.
How Health Care Works Around the World
Experts agree that access to quality health care is the best way to improve global health. But health-care options vary greatly depending on where you are in the world.

Learning Journeys

A learning journey is a curated collection of resources that explore a topic from a specific perspective.

Learning Journey
Global Health: Policy

Explore this collection of learning resources to understand the different policy options that exist to address both infectious and noncommunicable diseases.

Learning Journey
Global Health: Introduction

Explore this collection of learning resources to understand the threats and challenges to global health.