Globalization Higher Education Questions

Help students understand globalization through these essay and discussion questions.

Question 1

To what extent has globalization led to a “more secure and prosperous world”? What are the effects of globalization, both positive and negative, on daily lives around the world? Do you agree with the statement “The wealthy and the powerful benefit the most from globalization”? Discuss using specific examples.

  • To what extent is globalization a new phenomenon?
  • How and why have the scope, speed, and scale of globalization changed over time?
  • What are some of the major international issues related to the impacts of globalization?

Question 2

In what ways has modern communication contributed to globalization? How did an increase in the speed of communication cause the world to become more interconnected? How have modern transportation methods contributed to globalization? To what extent have evolving means of communication influenced globalization? Consider the shift from high speed one-to-one communication (telegraph, telephone) to the rise of many-to-one mass media (radio, TV) and, most recently, the shift to one-to-many social media.

  • Why were shipping containers such a profound technological advancement?
  • To what extent does mass media influence patterns of culture and consumption? 
  • In what ways has social media altered public discourse?

Question 3

Why are global supply chains so important? Why are products like medicines produced across several different countries, rather than all in one place? What are some of the benefits and challenges of a decentralized process of production? How might increased demand impact unpredictable global markets? To what extent should the United States focus on “sovereign supply chains” to secure access to critical goods? 

  • How did disruptions of the global supply chain during COVID-19 impact the semiconductor industry?
  • Why does China play such an important role in the global supply chain?
  • What impact did the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) have on the avocado market? 

Question 4

What challenges do national governments and international institutions face in responding to the negative impacts of globalization?  How have changes in trade regulations contributed to globalization? To what extent can the effects of globalization be controlled or limited by international institutions, governments, and individuals?