Technology and Development
As Great Britain’s Industrial Revolution and India’s Green Revolution have shown, technological innovation can drive extraordinary development. Explore how digital advancements are further driving progress today.
A Global Semiconductor Shortage
Expensive cars? Phone order delays? Learn how today’s globalized supply chain can affect our daily lives by exploring the global semiconductor shortage.
How Can AI Combat Climate Change?
In this free climate change resource, learn how AI is helping countries reduce carbon emissions, but some innovations could ultimately contribute to a warming planet.
How Does AI Influence Conflict?
How is the military using AI? Killer robots have long been a fear and fascination of humankind. Explore how weapons that can locate, target, and kill without human involvement shape today’s conflicts and hold the potential to re-shape future conflicts.
Social Media: Revolutionizing Communication
Social media has connected people at lightning speeds and upended long-held monopolies on information. But like past innovations, it has also created major societal challenges.
How Does Cyberspace Work?
Learn about the many places information is transferred across the internet—including under the ocean, up in space, and in your pocket.
The Origins of the Internet
The internet evolved from a niche government tool to a nearly universal platform for communications and entertainment.

Learning Journeys

A learning journey is a curated collection of resources that explore a topic from a specific perspective.

Learning Journey
How Is AI Changing the World?

 Explore AI’s impact on climate change, the military, and public surveillance. Then help shape future regulation. 

Learning Journey
Cyberspace and Cybersecurity: Policy

Explore this collection of learning resources to understand the concepts of cyber sovereignty, online privacy, data storage, and the use of cyberweapons.