Conflict & Warfare

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Timeline
Explore the history and important events behind the long-standing Middle East conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians from 1947 to today. 
NATO: The World’s Largest Alliance
What is NATO? Trace NATO’s history and learn how the organization’s mission has evolved over seventy-five years, from the end of World War II to Russia’s war in Ukraine.
How Is Conflict Changing?
What is conflict? Explore the reasons why tensions, violence, and war break out and what the consequences are for the world in this video.
Resource Conflicts, Explained
How do water, oil, and gold cause wars? Learn how competition over natural resources fuels and finances fighting and how climate change intensifies those conflicts.
Eight “Hot Wars” During the Cold War
The United States and the Soviet Union never directly clashed, but the Cold War was far from bloodless. From Cuba to Korea, explore the proxy wars these superpowers fueled in this historical resource.
How Does AI Influence Conflict?
How is the military using AI? Killer robots have long been a fear and fascination of humankind. Explore how weapons that can locate, target, and kill without human involvement shape today’s conflicts and hold the potential to re-shape future conflicts.
What Is Armed Force?
In this free resource on military action, learn how countries use violence, or armed force, to influence foreign policy.
What Is Peacekeeping?
In this free resource on the successes and failures of peacekeeping, learn about the UN missions tasked with transitioning countries out of war.
What Is Arms Control?
In this free resource on arms control agreements, learn how countries try to regulate the world’s most powerful weapons through foreign policy.
Understanding Intrastate Conflict
From civil war to terrorist violence, explore the types, causes, and consequences of conflicts within countries that are increasingly threatening world order.
What Is Interstate Conflict?
Bombs and bullets are not always required for countries to come into conflict. From Russia’s war in Ukraine to a U.S. trade war with China, explore the different ways countries come into tension.

Learning Journeys

A learning journey is a curated collection of resources that explore a topic from a specific perspective.

Learning Journey
Why Did Hamas Attack Israel?

Look back at the origins of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and then take part in the current debate on how to bring an end to the violence.

Learning Journey
Will China Invade Taiwan?

Explore Taiwan’s relationships with the United States and China. Then take part in a national security simulation to help avoid future conflict.

Learning Journey
Conflict: Case Studies

Explore this collection of learning resources to understand recent trends in global conflicts.

Learning Journey
Conflict: Introduction

Explore this collection of learning resources to understand the various types, causes, and consequences of conflict.