Introducing CFR Education (2024 CFR College and University Educators Workshop)

March 15, 2024

This presentation was hosted by the CFR College and University Educators Workshop. Caroline Netchvolodoff, Vice President of Education at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), shares why global literacy is so important and how CFR Education resources can help educators across the United States. CFR Education Higher Education Ambassadors, Jean E. Abshire (Indiana University Southeast) and Rudy L. Novak (United States Air Force Academy), share how they use CFR Education articles, videos, simulations, and teaching resources in the classroom. 


Caroline Netchvolodoff
Vice President for Education
Council on Foreign Relations

Jean E. Abshire
Associate Professor of Political Science and International Studies
Indiana University Southeast

Rudy L. Novak
Instructor of Political Science
United States Air Force Academy 

(NOTE: CFR Education presentation begins at 12:10 in the video below.)