Climate Change: What Your Students Want to Know AND What They Can Do About It

March 19, 2024

This presentation was hosted by the Share My Lesson Virtual Conference. Hurricanes, forest fires, and heat waves are putting millions in danger. July 2023 saw earth’s hottest day on record. Students want to learn more about climate change and feel empowered to help. Attend this panel with fellow teachers and leaders from organizations working on climate change education nationally. Looking across grade levels and throughout the curriculum, we will explore why teaching about climate change is so important, the challenges teachers face, the resources available, and what teachers require to meet their students’ needs. In this 2024 Share My Lesson Virtual Conference session, participants will come away with new ideas and links to free resources and lesson plans from CFR Education, SubjectToClimate, and Share My Lesson.


Charles Hopkins
Director, Teaching & Learning
Council on Foreign Relations

Margaret Wang
Co-Founder, COO,

Liz Ransom
High School Spanish Teacher / Grade-Band Coordinator
High School / SubjectToClimate

Kelly Booz
Share My Lesson, AFT